w50 -尊龙凯时官网登录

 w50 -尊龙凯时官网登录
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iris recognition module w50

w50 is an iris recognition embedding module for integration applications. the module has included pixsur’s own high accurate iris coding and recognition algorithm. it could conduct the iris coding, comparing, and storage indepently.

w50 use serial commucation port for connection.


access control, security control, transportation, finance, social welfare, mining, special equipments which need strict identity authorizaiton, and other industrial.


work modeconnection through serialsize100x80x50mm
recognitionmonocular & dual irisiris imageconform to iso/iec 19794-6: 2005
iris capture methodauto/manuallighting methodconform to ansi/iec
enrollment speed<1sinterfaceserial
recognition speed<0.5so/swindows, linux, android
accuracyfar<0.00001%, frr<1%materialpc
capture range25~35cmweight200g
working temp.-20~60℃power consumption<2.5w
ambient brightness0~5000luxpower supplydc12v
iris positioning indicatorblue/red/green lampstorage4g emmc

what is 4 x 5 ?