new infrastructure construction for fighting against the pandemic-尊龙凯时官网登录

new infrastructure construction for fighting against the pandemic-尊龙凯时官网登录

entering the west bund group, which is situated near the huanpu river in shanghai, you will found pixsur g7 , an iris recognition access control with temperature detection. the journalist from xinhua new agency arranged an interview of pixsur smart technology and reported this innovative product.

mr cheng zhiguo, the founder of pixsur, told xinhua news agency, from the time when covid-19 started to spread, his team put all efforts to integrate the infrared temperature detection function to its iris recognition device, aiming to provide an intelligent guard for the recovery of economy.

“at this period, entry permit management is especially important. iris recognition can be use for high precision access control of all enterprises. and in the hospital, the application of iris recognition will bring convenience to the medical workers, who usually have masks on their faces.” mr cheng says its company has received a lot of urgent orders, and the products will soon be used in several hospitals in wuhan. mr cheng also thinks wearing masks will be an ordinary behavior in a quite period, so the iris recognition’s market will continue to increase.

mr cheng made a demonstration of the product to the reporter. the device could verify the user’s identity, and tell the user’s exact body temperature within 1 second. and in case the body temperature is above 37.3℃, the device will give alert messages for notification.

pixsur smart technology is using its technology to respond to what the country advocates, to recover the business together with the fighting of the epidemic.

the new business opportunities in the field, such as cloud service, ai, will be important parts of the future new infrastructure construction. today, these technologies has already come to the stage as powerful weapons to fight against the covid-19.

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