social security -尊龙凯时官网登录

 social security -尊龙凯时官网登录
social security 2020-12-30t10:02:25 08:00

government & public security organizations

the information security is of vital importance for the government, police, court, etc. in the police system, the iris recogniton platform’s application, and the collection of the iris images, are carried out in acceleration, to meet the high precision requirements accordingly.

social insurance and medical insurance

to integrate the iris recognition to the social insurance card, can be an effective method for the necessary personal identification and liveness confirmation. the false claiming issues will be provented. our iris recogntion technology has also been applied to against the child trafficking, and to help the lost aged person.

medical institute

hospitals have the strict access control at some specific area, such as administrator’s office, special care patient area, pharmacy, laboratory. further more, the iris recognition can be applied at the patient identity verification, to improve the efficiency of the medical treatment procedures.


the iris recognition are applied at schools, colleges at examination verification, access control, payment, attendance check, public facilities’ usage. the physical card can be replaced, and this will enhance the security of the campus, and the precision authorization management can be implemented.