safebox b80 -尊龙凯时官网登录

 safebox b80 -尊龙凯时官网登录
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iris recognition safebox b80

b80 is a safebox which can register the iris information of the adminstator and the authorized user on the box directly. the user can open the box by using iris recogniton or emergency key. multi-spectrum design was applied for different human races. it supports outdoor use and glasses-wearing recognition.


for the storage and transportation of weapon, important document, jewelery, judicial evidence, hazard material, testing papers, drone, camera and lens, medical supplies, precision instruments. it’s used in the bank escort, police, medical, photography, aviation, and other industrials, and usd in civilian applications also.


enrollment speed<1srecognition speed<0.5s
recognition methodbinocular and dual irisiris imageconform to iso/iec 19794-6:2005
iris capture method autolighting methodconform to ansi/iec
work mode for transportation usesize670x500x180mm
accuracyfar<0.00001%, frr<0.1%materialpp
capture range65cmweight5kg
working temp.-20~60℃power consumption<2w
ambient brightness0~5000luxpower supplytype-c



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