national security -尊龙凯时官网登录

 national security -尊龙凯时官网登录
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national defence

the traditional identification methods, such as password, fingerprint, are becoming more and more insufficient for the high security requirements from the national defence. the iris recognition technology has already been applied on the operation authorization.


counter terrorism

in some border areas, such as the xinjiang, tibet, yunnan, inner mongolia, new identification technologies are utilized at the the fightings against he terrorism. wearing a mask or sunglasses, intentional damaging the fingerprints, or face surgery, will not affect the precision, and effectiveness of the iris recognition.


border & customs

at border area, customs, airport, bus station, etc, with the help of iris recognition technology, the passenger’s identity, or the suspects can be easily verified. further more, the pass-through speed could be effectively improved, to prevent the queueing happening.


prisoner must be kept from escaping, and meanwhile, the prisoners and the officers’ personal safety much be guaranteed. iris recognition is the most secure biometric identification method, to be deployed at the pass way, domitory, office area, to ensure the secure and stable running of all internal facilities.