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technologies -尊龙凯时官网登录

over 20 patents on iris recognition or multiple biometric recognition, covering algorithm, software, hardware, and tools

large-scale biometric image database, with an advanced neural algorithm for image processing and multi-modal recognition

patent of invention
utility patent
design patent
software 尊龙z6官网 copyright

1. information security technology-technical requirements for iris recognition
2. technical requirements for iris recognition-environment adaptability requirements and testing
3. information security technology-iris liveness recognition technical requirements

capable of the iris recognition’s application on the emerging smart products, and on the diversified information security requirements

support cloud platform and remote management

key technologies on the whole product realization process, from r&d to production, covering algorithm, soft/hardware, optics, electro-mechanics, etc.

localized sourcing and stable production capability

domestic oriented r&d and material management to meet the requirements from the national security fileds
compatible for loongson, neokylin, and soon will be for hisilicon, ingenic, huawe soon