personal safety -尊龙凯时官网登录

 personal safety -尊龙凯时官网登录
personal safety 2020-12-30t11:04:18 08:00

door lock

password peek, fake fingerprint and face mask, error recognition of fingerprint, using photo to pass face recognition, twins’ similar faces, these are all the concerns about the security of the locks. iris recognition’s superior accuracy and stability, could eliminate the above concerns, and bring secure and convient experience on the door lock.

pc & smart phone

the computer, or the phone, can only start after the iris verification passes, to protect the data and personal information inside.


fingerprints, face, password, are the recognition methods used popularly today payment. this methods all have the risks of being false used, or error recognition. iris recognition might become a future identification verification method with higher secure criterion.


the wide use of pc, and other smart devices brings convenience to the communication, but it also brings security risks. the iris recognition technology can be applied to encrypt the documents, to prevent the unnecessory access, or modification.