news -尊龙凯时官网登录

 news -尊龙凯时官网登录
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“2019-2020 shanghai design 100 ” was awarded to pixsur iris capturer

june 30th, 2020|

in recent years, ai is a market focus, and the application of ai technology on various industries brings new market opportunities. pixsur, an iris recognition leader, with multi-mode biometric solutions, is emerging to the ai related market with the supports of a series of china's ai industry development policies.

return to school, with the protection of pixsur’s iris recogntion technology

april 20th, 2020|

with the great efforts of whole country, the pandemic in china is under control. returning to work, returning to school, are becoming our priorities. pixsur's g7 , an iris recognition device, together with temperature detection function, is selected by a shanghai high school, to prepare for the coming school opening.

new infrastructure construction for fighting against the pandemic—an interview by xinhua news agency

march 16th, 2020|

entering the west bund group, which is situated near the huanpu river in shanghai, you will found pixsur g7 , an iris recognition access control with temperature detection. the journalist from xinhua new agency arranged an interview of pixsur smart technology and reported this innovative product.